This is a home to house some of the different coding projects that I made this semester (Fall 2021). The original projects can be found along with tweaks, changes, and additions I have made to them after the project was due. I tried to make this portfolio a fun experience so hope you enjoy it!

PS: you should definitely have your audio on when visiting the glitch art pages ;]

And if you want some behind-the-scenes info go to the about page!

Peace out,

– Erin :]


  • – The original and updated projects can be found under the projects tab at the top of the page
  • – Reflections about the projects can be found on each new project page (ie. New Glitch Art, New Twitter Bot etc.)

Projects Included:

  • – Glitch Art
  • – Twitter Bot
  • – Screen Saver
  • – Clock Project
Twitter Bot code
Screen Saver
Clock Project
Glitch Art