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    New Glitch Art

    For this project, I wanted to add to my gallery of Doozers. I wanted to expand upon this gallery and create glitch art that I might have not added to the original gallery of Doozers. Some of these pieces have a more subtle glitch to them instead of being in your face glitches. Below these glitches can be found. I really enjoyed this project because you never really knew what the outcome would be until you saved the image. It was like seeing a surprise each time. And after a while, you figured out what code or effects you liked the best and would give the best results. A list…

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    New Twitter Bot

    For this original project, I aimed to make a Twitter Bot that tweeted out lines from the movie Cars. This turned into a Twitter Bot not only tweeting outlines from cars but also lines from other Pixar movies as well. Decided to add more lines from different Pixar movies onto this Twitter Bot so it can last even longer. Although instead of adding the whole movie script I decided to pick out specific scenes and events from the movies to code into the Twitter Bot. This makes it so there are more movies that people can relate to and enjoy. The bot still tweets out once every three hours. In…

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    New Screen Saver

    This was the first project I did in P5JS that came out how I actually wanted it to. There are some changes I wanted to make like having the layers of the bike gif not show all the time and maybe having the clouds or background move in some way as well. This will make the screen saver look more seamless. All of the tweaks and changes made seem like small things but they all took such a long time to figure out. By doing this project I got really good at importing and loading images into the program. Even tho they are small tweaks and changes I think the…

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    New Clock

    This project was the first project that I felt like I could really explain what I did during the coding process. Because of this I just wanted to change little things about the overall look of the clock. These include where the clock is on the actual page, making the taxi drive forward instead of being in reverse, and downsizing the clouds a bit. I really enjoyed this project and was very proud of the outcome of what I initially got. As I look at my new version I’m kind of kicking myself for not making those fixes for the original due date. But to be honest, by the point…

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