New Glitch Art

For this project, I wanted to add to my gallery of Doozers. I wanted to expand upon this gallery and create glitch art that I might have not added to the original gallery of Doozers. Some of these pieces have a more subtle glitch to them instead of being in your face glitches. Below these glitches can be found. I really enjoyed this project because you never really knew what the outcome would be until you saved the image. It was like seeing a surprise each time. And after a while, you figured out what code or effects you liked the best and would give the best results.

A list of all the code and Audacity effects used can be found at the bottom of the page.

Different Effects and Code used

Pixel Sorting in Column 2:

  • – -s hue
  • – -i minimum
  • – -s hue
  • – -i threshold
  • – -i minimum
  • – -s saturation
  • – -i none
  • – pixelsort

Databending with Audacity in Column 3:

  1. – Amplify
  2. – Fade In, Fade Out
  3. – Clip Fix
  4. – Paul Stretch
  5. – Noise Gate
  6. – Invert
  7. – Limiter
  8. – Echo and Reverb
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