New Screen Saver

This was the first project I did in P5JS that came out how I actually wanted it to. There are some changes I wanted to make like having the layers of the bike gif not show all the time and maybe having the clouds or background move in some way as well. This will make the screen saver look more seamless. All of the tweaks and changes made seem like small things but they all took such a long time to figure out. By doing this project I got really good at importing and loading images into the program. Even tho they are small tweaks and changes I think the screen saver turned out even better than the first one!

What I changed:

  • – I made the background layer into seperate layers and imported them as images
  • – I added two sets of clouds that move across the screen at varying speeds
  • – I added code to my biker gif that made it so the layers of the gif can not be seen
  • – Also added code to bike so he would move across the canvas better

What Stayed the Same:

  • – Essentially everything changed a tad in this code
    • – The background still does not move but is broken up into a couple different images

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