Hi, my name is Erin and I created this website to showcase some of the projects that I made for my Creative Coding class this semester (Fall 2021). I chose my favorite projects I had completed to showcase and to change in some way. I hope you enjoy it!

About the Art:

Why Doozers?

Well, I made it a mission this semester to try to link all of my projects that I made back to something I really enjoy, which in this case was watching Twitch streams. In the case of Doozers, that’s what one of the streamers I watch calls his twitch chat. But also I mean come on their so cute!!!

Did it take you a long time to put all those movie scripts in your Twitter Bot?

Oh my gosh YES!!! After a while, it kind of became a mind-numbing activity. It took such a long time but honestly kind of worth it in the end. I like to go into the account sometimes and see if the tweets are getting any interaction.

What made you want to do something with Pokemon?

This goes along with creating projects based on things that I like. You guessed it I do really like Pokemon. I was looking at projects people had made on Openprocessing and I really enjoyed all of the game-based ones. That sprouted the idea to make the screen saver that I did.

What’s the significance in the clock project?

Doing the screen saver made me really like the 8-bit style. I wanted to do something even more 8-bit for this project. I started looking at 8-bit images on Unsplash and was able to find all of the images I wanted to use. I found the city and it made me think of New York. Prior to the pandemic, I went to New York every two years since the start of my freshman year of high school. During that time the theater department went every two years and just so happened to go when it was my birthday. So it was like I was having a giant birthday party with all of my best friends. So you could say New York holds a special place in my heart.