New Twitter Bot

For this original project, I aimed to make a Twitter Bot that tweeted out lines from the movie Cars. This turned into a Twitter Bot not only tweeting outlines from cars but also lines from other Pixar movies as well. Decided to add more lines from different Pixar movies onto this Twitter Bot so it can last even longer. Although instead of adding the whole movie script I decided to pick out specific scenes and events from the movies to code into the Twitter Bot. This makes it so there are more movies that people can relate to and enjoy. The bot still tweets out once every three hours. In the end, there was so much code in Cheap Bots Done Quick that when I would add a new line it would take a good couple of minutes to load in. I was so scared that the site would crash when I hadn’t saved it. Thankfully it never did.

New Movies Included

– Ratatouille

– The Incredibles

– Wall-E

– When looking at the Wall-E script I found that most of it were sounds more than actual lines. I decided that’s what I would put in for this movie.

Here is what some of the code looked like on Cheap Bots Done Quick. It was a lot. The save button became my best friend because I was so scared of the site crashing while I was trying to code.

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