New Clock

This project was the first project that I felt like I could really explain what I did during the coding process. Because of this I just wanted to change little things about the overall look of the clock. These include where the clock is on the actual page, making the taxi drive forward instead of being in reverse, and downsizing the clouds a bit. I really enjoyed this project and was very proud of the outcome of what I initially got. As I look at my new version I’m kind of kicking myself for not making those fixes for the original due date. But to be honest, by the point I finished figuring out and coding the original clock my brain could not function for much longer. And the things that I learned while coding and making revisions on the screensaver project helped me figure things out for this project as well.

What I Changed:

  • – I edited the canvas size to match that of the size of the clock
  • – I moved all the different elements like the background, stars, and rectangle to the coordinates 0,0
    • – This made it so the clock is in the middle of the screen now
  • – I changed the 200 in the (200,width-200) to 0 so the elements would start at the correct point
  • – I went into Photoshop and flipped the taxi around so that it is driving the correct way

What Stayed the Same:

  • – The background and the stars are still stand still elements
  • – The moon still moves with the hours
  • – The clouds still move with the minutes
  • – The taxi still moves with the seconds

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