Glitch Art

Glitch Art

Artists Statement

I decided to use the theme of Doozer’s for this project. A Doozer is a little puppet seen in the TV show Fraggle Rock. They are primarily construction workers and are known to sing their march song (the song that plays when entering the site). I decided to do pixel sorting, which can be seen in the second column, and data bending in Audacity. When glitching in Audacity I tried to create the most colorful images possible. As for pixel sorting, I tried all the different commands and chose the images that I liked the best. In the galleries, I wanted to show what the original picture of the Doozer looked like to really understand the glitch that was applied. My favorite art I got out is Doozer 4 (Hammerhead Doozer) in column 3 (data bending with audacity). All the different Doozer’s have different names. I could not find the name of the first Doozer but the other Doozer’s names are Architect Doozer, Modem Doozer, Hammerhead Doozer, Turbo Doozer, Judge Gavel Doozer, Flange Doozer, and Wingnut Doozer. All of their names are themed after construction, technology, or occupation.

Different Effects and Code used

Pixel Sorting in Column 2:

  1. -i none
  2. -s hue
  3. -s saturation
  4. -s saturation
  5. -i threshold
  6. -i minimum
  7. – pixelsort
  8. -s saturation

Databending with Audacity in Column 3:

  1. – filter curve
  2. – notch filter
  3. – low pass filter
  4. – phaser
  5. – noise gate
  6. – graphic eq and inverse
  7. – phaser
  8. – echo and reverb